Citizen Transportation Information PlatformMunicipality of Ioannina

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Public Information System in the Municipality of Ioannina

With the goal to improve commuting and the living standards of its citizens, the Municipality of Ioannina is implementing the project "Integrated traffic monitoring and management platform, for the provision of information relevant to traffic conditions, through multiple communication channels," which aims to:

  • Improve the level of awareness, and provide quality information to citizens regarding the current, real-time traffic conditions and level of availability of parking spaces.

  • Reduce congestion by providing timely information to motorists regarding the current traffic conditions.

  • Improve the level and quality of service regarding the availability of parking spaces in the parking lots.

  • Collect up-to-date data relevant to traffic issues (e.g. travel times, parking spaces, etc.), which will be utilized in an ongoing manner for purposes relating to research and the compilation of proposals, through the creation of a dedicated database by the relevant department of the Municipality.


The objectives are achieved through an integrated platform for the management of telematics information that ensures:

  • The supervision of parking spaces via a dedicated application, and the provision of dynamic and real-time information regarding the level of availability in two parking lots (expandable in the future to other parking lots) through two information signs.

  • The supervision of the road network of the city center of Ioannina via a specialized traffic management platform and traffic radar detectors, as well as the provision of dynamic information to drivers, through four variable message signs VMS, regarding the current traffic conditions of the road network.

  • The provision of information to citizens and visitors of the Municipality via a web/mobile portal and a public information system (application) utilizing SMS, regarding the current traffic conditions on the road network, level of availability of parking places, information about the public transport of the Municipality of Ioannina and route design using available means of transportation.

By completing the project "Integrated traffic monitoring and management platform, for the provision of information relevant to traffic conditions, via multiple communication channels" the Municipality of Ioannina demonstrates that the implementation and deployment of modern technologies can help improve everyday life and increase the quality of life for its citizens.